Home Inspections​

Look at it this way: A good attorney never asks a question he doesn’t already know the answer to. So Why would you Invest so much of your Hard Earned Money into a Home… when you don’t know the Answers that a Professional Home Inspection will reveal?

We provide you the Facts to help you make an Informed and Intelligent Decision about your Home… and give You the Confidence and Peace of Mind You Deserve!

No home is perfect. Anything from major damage to minor maintenance issues are often found. Even New Homes are not immune and they could have problems with the Plumbing, Electrical wiring, Heating and Cooling system, or with the Roof structure in the Attic area just to name a few.

You owe it to yourself to hire the most qualified and professional inspector, who has your best interest at heart to help protect your family and your investment. You’ve got one shot at having your home inspected by certified and licensed professional who has the training and experience necessary to identify any major defects and deficiencies or needed repairs and replacement. If you are considering Buying a Home, Townhome, Condominium, or Commercial Property, it is critical for you to have the property thoroughly inspected before your final purchase by an experienced and impartial professional inspector.

A buyers inspection is vital to discovering many issues a home may have which are invisible to the untrained eye. Even if the inspection reveals more problems than you are comfortable with, and you move on to a different home to start the process over again, it is still money well spent. An inspection will give you the opportunity to negotiate with the seller to make certain repairs or lower the sales price before you buy, or you have the option to back out of the contract. So be sure to include the inspection contingency when writing your purchase agreement and offer to the seller. This may also allow you to set a limit on the cost of repairs to the home. If the inspector estimates that repairs will cost more than the limit amount, the contract can be voided. It is a good way to protect yourself from ending up with a home that requires repairs that you are unable or unwilling to pay for.