New Construction Inspections

There are very good reasons to have a Professional Inspection performed on the New Home you are buying.

It just makes sense to learn as much as you can about the Quality and Construction of your New Home, rather than just Assuming everything was Built, Installed, and is Operating properly.

Building a new home is a tremendously complex endeavor. It involves many workers, usually split up into sub-contractor groups, each performing jobs on different structures, systems, and components of the house construction. Even for the best builders, its nearly impossible to complete this complex process without missing or overlooking something. Maybe its a plumbing drain or fixture that didn’t get tested for leaks, maybe its an electrical panel or circuit that isn’t installed properly, or not enough insulation and ventilation installed in the attic, or any one of dozens of minor problems that can easily be overlooked in such a major undertaking. We will help find such problems while it is still early enough for you to bring them up to the builder, and have them corrected before you purchase and start moving into your new home.

For the relatively small cost, a professional inspection of your new dream home can pay big dividends by giving you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve, and help you get many problems identified and corrected before they become an unpleasant surprise, and struggle with the builders warranty provider or your insurance company.